ATS delivers a complete range of Product and Package Development Consulting Services. Our R&D expertise, which includes the development of new and reformulated products, spans the entire process: formula development, propellant selection, packaging design (valve system development, and can selection), and spray pattern & particle size optimization. In addition, ATS can develop and implement product performance testing procedures and aerosol stability testing protocols.

Product Development Services

Aerosol Development - We will work independently, or closely with your technical personnel, to develop and/or refine aerosol formulas. 

Propellant Selection - A variety of propellant options are available for consideration, including: conventional hydrocarbons, non-liquefied compressed gasses (CO2, N2, N2O), as well as the latest “alternative” propellants such as 134A and 152A.

Valve System - Aerosol product spray performance is primarily controlled by the valve system selection. A wide range of valve systems are available to optimize the desired spray rate, spray pattern geometry, and particle size (refer to the “Particle Size Control” article below for an in-depth review of how particle size is controlled in aerosol systems).


30+ years of experience in the Aerosol Products Industry...

Developed multiple aerosol product types launched into regional, national and international markets. Employment experience includes: Unilever, Bristol-Myers/Clairol, American Home Foods, Summit Packaging Systems, and Boyle-Midway. Complete CV available on request.

Invented New Technology - Aerosol Technology patents issued, and pending, in multiple areas of Technology (Household Products, Hair Care, Cooking Release Sprays, VOC Reduction).

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ATS Customers
A partial list follows…

    Procter & Gamble
Aerosol Technology Training


PAM Cooking Spray

KIK Custom Products
Numerous HBA, Household and Food products

The Dial Corporation
Air Freshener

C. B. Fleet Company, Inc.
Deodorant Sprays

Safety Audits of Contract Packagers

Falcon Safety Products
Aerosol Dusters

Reckitt & Benckiser

Air Care Products

Aerosol Laboratory Design

Aerosol Laboratory Design

Aerosol Training 
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